Romantic Date Night Plans During A Pandemic

Romantic Date Night Plans During A Pandemic

At-home spa day with your partner.

With COVID-19 cases still rising in many countries, staying home and being socially responsible can save lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to quickly adjust to major changes; the pandemic has changed every facet of our lives, including date night.

Date nights are essential in a relationship, particularly long-term ones. Having been with your partner for many years, it’s vital to keep the spark alive. Date nights allow you to spend time with each other and give each other undivided attention.

Here are some safe and socially distanced date night ideas for during the pandemic:

A picnic in the park

There’s something so old-fashioned and charming about a picnic. You get some time in the sun, taking in the rays, while spending much-needed time with your partner.

You can visit your local neighborhood park for a picnic or even spend time in your own backyard. Take along some wine, cheese, cold cuts, and fruits. It’s a low effort date night idea that works every time.

Picnic spread with wine.

Spa day at home

Every person experiences stress, whether that’s due to personal or professional reasons. If you or your partner has been struggling to cope with stress and it’s been affecting your relationship, surprise them with a spa day.

This spa day can include a massage for each of you, face masks, and a warm foot soak too. Having a massage and switching off for a bit releases feel-good hormones that boost your mood. After a relaxing massage you will find that you connect with your partner much better.

Fruit picking

Fruit picking is probably a date night idea you never thought of. However, during a pandemic, it’s the perfect activity. Look for orchards nearby; the two of you can spend time walking around in the glistening sun and pick some delicious fruits too. Come home and prepare a snack or dessert with the produce you have picked too. It’s an additional activity for the two of you.

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