Boozy Desserts To Try

Boozy Desserts To Try

Boozy desserts are a staple for adults at dinners and barbeques. They hit two birds with one stone, providing a delicious sweet treat with a hint of alcohol. Boozy desserts have a reputation for being complicated to prepare, though. Today we’ve brought you some of the easiest tipsy desserts that you can try out:

Bailey’s cheesecake

Bailey’s cheesecake

Bailey’s is a popular alcohol that’s known for its silky texture and deep flavor. It’s perfect on its own, mixed into a cocktail, and even incorporated into desserts. The mild chocolatey flavor and creamy texture make Bailey’s the number one choice for boozy desserts.

If you’re a fan of cheesecake, a Bailey’s cheesecake should be on top of the list. It’s quick to whip up and requires no heat. All you need to do is create a cookie crumb base and add the cheesecake and Bailey’s mixture to the bowl. It’s simple, straightforward, and perfect in every way.

Tipsy tiramisu

This Italian dessert will make your heart sing. Tiramisu, quite literally translates into “pick me up,” indicating that its flavor is so good that it will turn that frown upside down. Add some alcohol to a tiramisu and you have an unbeatable dessert.

This dessert is fun to whip up since it’s all about the layering. Make sure you get good quality mascarpone, Kahlua, and vanilla vodka when making a tipsy tiramisu. 

Tipsy Tiramisu

Champagne cake

A glass of bubbly isn’t just for big celebrations; it can be incorporated into desserts to create a flavorful yet light dessert. Champagne cake is quite popular at weddings, and it’s quite easy to prepare. You can transform this recipe into a sheet cake if you don’t want to go through the trouble of layering it.

Rum cake

Rum cake is perfect for colder months. Infused with warming spices and a hint of rum, this cake smells of Christmas. It’s very easy to prepare and doesn’t require any frosting or layering. Invest in a good quality Bundt tin when baking this cake so it comes out perfect.

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