We Will Not Compromise

 If there is one thing we know, it’s rough mornings that follow the fun nights after drinking. Just like everyone else, we have active lives so we need to be sharp and productive in the mornings without having to give up fun nights out.

We Tried All The Remedies

We tried everything under the sun to feel better after drinking. We tried the “Hangover Cure” drinks and supplements, Electrolyte Drinks, eating greasy food, vitamins, “sleeping it off” and nothing worked!

The Real Deal

With no real solution on the market, we decided to team up with well-respected scientists to find the ultimate solution to feeling better after drinking. After years of trial and error, we came up with a healthy formula that tastes good and works fast to feel better after drinking.

Stop Sacrificing Your Mornings

ADULTalyte™️ After-Party Recovery helps you recover 2X-4X Faster without any junk inside- so No Caffeine, No Sodium, Zero Sugar, and 0 Calories.

You work hard so you deserve to party hard without feeling miserable in the mornings.

Johnny and Luke


For 30 Days and 30 Nights, Johnny and Luke consumed alcohol to try to purposely get the negative side-effects, only to be dramatically reduced by ADULTalyte™️ After-Party Recovery. Check out their journey below.

During this challenge we experienced...

  • Greater clarity while intoxicated
  • Morning euphoria
  • Slight / no headaches
  • Zero nausea
  • A craving for more ADULTalyte
  • Some of the best times of our lives!
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