How Long Will Your Hangover Last? 5 Factors to Watch Out For

How Long Will Your Hangover Last? 5 Factors to Watch Out For
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There might be at least one person in your life that can hold their drinks for more than three glasses of wine. While they might be a marvel to you, the secret behind their tolerance may just be an inherently healthy lifestyle, paired with rounds on the rocks, bracketed by alcohol recovery drinks.

Here’s what decides how long your hangover lasts.

1. How Old You Are

You might be in your mid-twenties and thinking how it’s possible to lose the ability to process alcohol at this young age.

However, that’s exactly how your body works. Alcohol metabolism is one of the first functions to slow down as you age, especially if you’re female. You run out of liver enzymes, gain trans fats, lose muscle, and the alcohol all but brews in there, while hammering “Never. Drinking. Again.” in your head.

2. You’re Drinking On An Empty Stomach

Getting caught up before stocking up on advanced electrolyte supplements is a recipe for disaster. You not only get inebriated faster than your drinking buddies, but also set yourself up for one hell of a hangover the morning after.

Special mentions include splitting headaches bordering on migraines, and projectile-vomit-inducing nausea.

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3. You’re Mixing Drinks

Thanks to some well-made morning recovery hangover drinks, we don’t deprive ourselves of the odd cocktail.

The thing that has us concerned has to do with mixing drinks and medication. The latter might throw your body off its game, affecting your ability to metabolize alcohol by the time you wake up.

Whatever you do, don’t have over-the-counter allergy meds, antibiotics, or relaxants closely preceded or followed by drinks.

4. Your Sleep Patterns Are Out of Sorts

If you haven’t been sleeping well, don’t think mulled wine will help. On the contrary, it’ll make for a fitful night you could’ve done without.

As for next morning, we suggest whipping up the best hangover supplements you can before the hangover makes its grand entrance.

5. You’re Peeing A Lot

Alcohol, by its very nature, summons Mother Nature upon the human body. So, not practicing advanced powder hydration, or, at the very least, diluting your drinks between those trips to the restroom might dehydrate you.

Dehydration can lead to headaches, wooziness, and fatigue, known collectively as—say it with us—The Hangover.

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