Just Turned 21? Here Are Some Tips When You Begin Drinking

Just Turned 21? Here Are Some Tips When You Begin Drinking

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Turning 21 is a major milestone in a person’s life. It’s a step into adulthood and a milestone that should be celebrated. You’ll be able to legally buy yourself a drink now, and that comes with a huge responsibility.

Here are some tips for those who have turned 21:

Never drink on an empty stomach

A very important tip and piece of information for when you begin drinking is that you should never have alcohol on an empty stomach. Always have something to eat before you head out or order alcohol with a meal. When you’ve eaten food, the alcohol stays in the stomach longer and is released to the small intestine in small amounts.

Take your time with a drink

Alcoholic drinks aren’t like water or sodas. Take your time sipping an alcoholic drink. You will enjoy it more and will drink less too. Chugging a drink, on the other hand will make you consume more. Take your time with a drink and pace yourself. Gulping down any drink increases your chances of choking.

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Don’t mix too many drinks on a night out

As you turn 21, you’ll probably be tempted to try out all the spirits and cocktails you’ve heard of, but when on a night out, try to stick to a couple of drinks.

Mixing many alcohols can be dangerous. The typical rule is that you should not mix dark and light liquors—stick to one. It’s also important to note that drinks with a high sugar content are more likely to get you drunk too.

Invest in electrolyte replacement drinks

Alcohol is a diuretic that makes your body lose essential salts and water. Replace that salt and rehydrate yourself with an advanced electrolyte supplement like ADULTalyte. It’s developed to prevent hangovers and detox your liver after a heavy night of drinking. This can be consumed before, during, and after your night out too. It’s ideal for soothing headaches as it reduces the risk of dehydration.

Prepare some ADULTalyte to help you feel better after your first night drinking. These electrolyte replacement drinks will help you regain your energy and give you that boost of electrolytes your body requires. This morning recovery hangover drink comes in 3 delicious flavors like Lemony Kick-It, Tropical Mimosa, and Unicorn candy. We also provide free shipping over orders of $75.

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