Best Drinks For Someone Who Isn’t A Drinker

Best Drinks For Someone Who Isn’t A Drinker

Cocktail with vodka.

Having alcoholic drinks has become a social activity over the years. Since alcohol isn’t for everyone, those who aren’t regular drinkers often feel left out. It’s common for people who don’t typically drink too often give in and have a drink with friends and family, though.

As a semi-frequent drinker, you’re probably not accustomed to the flavor of spirits and probably want something light and easy to drink. Here are some of the best drinks to have when you’re not a big fan of alcohol:


When having liquor, make sure you buy the right one. Cheap vodka doesn’t always taste great, but we can vouch for the flavor of more mainstream brands. Since vodka typically doesn’t have any flavor, it’s a blank canvas to create any drink you want.

Since it’s a light liquor, it’s also less likely to result in a hangover. Vodka is typically paired with orange juice or cranberry; you can also mix it in with soda for a drink that’s easier on the palette. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try rum. Rum and coke is by far the most popular pairing.

Dessert wine

There are hundreds of wines prepared all over the world. With so many to choose from, there will surely be a few that you like. If you don’t drink much, a dry red wine might be a bit much for you.

A good place to start your wine drinking journey is sparkling wine. They’re light, bubbly, and have a fruity taste. Add some orange juice to it to make a mimosa. Dessert wines are also quite popular. They have a bold sweet flavor and pair well with food.


Two glasses with beer.

Most people taste beer for the first time in college. In most cases we’re talking cheap beer. Admittedly, cheap beer does taste quite bitter and can leave you scarred. However, try a light beer from a well-known manufacturer and you won’t be disappointed.

If it’s still a bit bitter for your liking, mix in some soda and you will surely love it. Its alcohol content is also quite low and it won’t get you drunk.

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