Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves A Drink

Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves A Drink

We all have that one friend who loves their drinks. They’re adventurous with alcohol, constantly trying new things, and introducing them to the gang too. When buying gifts for such a loved one, it’s always safe to stick to the alcohol theme.

Here are some gift ideas that are fit for all occasions:

Custom decanter

Whiskey in a decanter.

Decanters were all the rage back in the day, but they are barely used today. Revive tradition by gifting your loved one a custom decanter. While decanters are typically thought to only store whiskey, they can be used for vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and bourbon too. Decanters look incredibly chic and elevate the experience of consuming alcohol.

A cocktail kit

There are hundreds of cocktails you can create, provided you have the right tools. A cocktail kit is the perfect gift for someone who’s looking to experiment with their alcohol creations. If someone is starting out in bartending, it’s also a great gift for them, as it will allow them to practice and polish their skills. A cocktail kit typically consists of measuring cups, a cocktail shaker, a strainer, muddler, and bar spoon. There are some cocktail making kits that also come with a travel pouch.

Cocktail recipe book

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cocktails. A cocktail recipe book will surely be cherished. Your loved one probably hasn’t even heard of many drinks in that book. There are many cocktail recipe books out there; do your research on a theme that would best suit your loved one.

Cocktail with blood orange and rosemary.

Beer pong set

Who doesn’t love a good old game of beer pong? It’s the life of the party and often gets the party started. Beer pong sets are widely available and make for the perfect fun gift!

Stone ice cubes

Tired of having diluted drinks? Stone ice cubes will keep your drink cold for longer without diluting your drink. Stones like marble are known to remain cool, making them the perfect material for stone ice cubes.


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