5 Drinks to Try at Home Next Weekend

5 Drinks to Try at Home Next Weekend

When is there ever a better time of the week than Friday happy hour? You’re finally done slogging through the week, and you’ve yet to start checking off things on your weekend to-do list. Your happy hour is when you get to rest your feet up and fix yourself a nice and relaxing drink or two.

An assortment of cocktails lying on a table.

So, with that in mind, why not change things up a bit this weekend and try a cocktail? You can save yourself from getting dehydrated and a nasty hangover afterwards too if you drink ADULTalyte’s advanced electrolyte hydration powder.

Here are some drinks you need to try over the weekend.

The Boulevardier

If you’ve never heard of the Boulevardier, think of it as a Negroni, except you switch the gin for some whisky. Master the Boulevardier over the weekend and sit back and enjoy. Take a look at this recipe from the cooking section on The New York Times.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

So, it’s cold outside, who cares. That doesn’t mean you can’t fix yourself a chilled daiquiri if you want to. Here’s how to make this classic. If you want to keep things a little warmer, you can ditch the ice.

The Cuba Libre

Rum, cola, lime, and bitters—do you really need anything more out of a cocktail? The great thing about the Cuba Libre is that you can easily make them in batches, so invite some friends over the weekend and enjoy. Here’s the recipe.

Rhubarb Basil Cocktail

Got yourself some fresh rhubarb at the farmers market? Great, now pair that with some vodka and club soda, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing rhubarb basil cocktail. Now kick back and relax without a worry in the world.

Fruity pink cocktails lying on a marble counter.

Black Lily Cocktail

Fancy an amaro-based cocktail? Well, you simply need to try the Black Lily Cocktail, a super easy three-ingredient drink made with Cointreau, Fernet Branca, and some fresh lime juice. Here’s how to make this fantastic drink.

So, whichever drink you decide to fix over the weekend, be sure to pair it with the best hangover prevention supplements to ensure you’re up and about the next morning! Get yours now by contacting our team at ADULTalyte today.

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