Bottoms Up! The Best Cocktails for a Socially Distanced Party

Bottoms Up! The Best Cocktails for a Socially Distanced Party
Bring out your special glasses and hand your guests straws to sip on this delicious, boozy punch.

It’s been a long, hard year, and it’s unsurprising that many of us are looking forward to kicking back and unwinding with some friends and loved ones—responsibly, of course. The threat isn't over yet, with the second wave of the pandemic still affecting people across the world and right here in our country too.

So while large public gatherings, no matter how well organized they may seem, are far from ideal at the moment. Instead, you can play host for a few friends and have a socially distanced party, where you hang out, enjoy some delicious drinks, and have a great, safe time.

If you’re ready to blow everyone away and become the ultimate host, try the following cocktails to serve:

Boozy strawberry lemonade

Mmm! This one sounds like a dream right off the bat, and you're right to think so. It's a bit of a summery drink, but if you ask us, we think it's perfect any time of the year. Be sure to find fresh, whole fruit for it (yes, frozen strawberries count), and prepare the syrup mix ahead of time to make things easier. This recipe is great for batch prepping drinks and can be made in no time when you’re looking to serve it at a party. You can also play around with flavors, adding more or less syrup as you please, adding a bit more vodka, and tinkering with other add-ons like seeds for texture or even more berries.

Try a delicious strawberry cocktail and mix things up with some flowers!

Pomegranate margaritas

Pomegranate season is here, and you're likely to find great produce for at least a few more weeks, which is why this drink is the perfect ode to summer. Try these delicious pomegranate margaritas that you can whip up with just a few ingredients, including—you guessed it, pomegranates—lime juice, and tequila. Find the complete recipe here and give it a try for the ultimate party drink!

Tangerine Quaran-Tini

Clearly, we love our puns and fruit based drinks here, right? This drink's name isn't all that's wonderful about it, it’s also a delicious citrusy blend bringing together lemon, tangerine, sugary goodness, and good old vodka in a blend that will blow away your quarantine blues. The best part? This is another batch-prep recipe and perfect for a small gathering.

Easy and cheap highball

You don't need to go all-out spending and scouring for ingredients across town for a great drink. You can make a great highball with some whiskey and ginger ale that makes for a classic, delicious, and party-friendly cocktail. You can save more, but still, have a great time!

But don’t forget to sip on our delicious hangover powder drink ADULTalyte, while you're going to town on these delicious drinks! In fact, you can take ADULTalyte before you start drinking, or in the middle, or of course, as a morning recovery hangover drink to get you out of your funk. It’s so delicious you could add some to your drinks and stay hydrated all night! Contact us to know more or place an order directly.

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