3 Ingredients to Create the Ultimate Hangover Cure

3 Ingredients to Create the Ultimate Hangover Cure

For many, finding out you partied too hard the night before brings a sense of accomplishment, a stamp of approval that the night was indeed one for the books.

However, these mornings after the big night often come with nasty hangovers.

Fortunately, there are some essential ingredients that you can look out for (that you can eat or drink) to ease your hangover recovery.

Tomato Juice

Research shows that tomato juice helps liver function, which will pump the gas on your alcohol digestion and hangover recovery. In this way, tomato juice counter-acts the effects of alcohol.

A glass of tomato juice with a lemon slice sits on a wooden table.


Full of vitamin C, oranges help your body retain the chemical glutathione, which helps your body get rid of alcohol.

The vitamin C in oranges helps to stabilize your body's glutathione levels and help cure your hangover. Citrus-water also works similarly.


Blueberries are natural antioxidants that reduce inflammation.

This property is helpful because people who have hangovers have relatively higher inflammation. When a person is drunk or hung-over, the body releases a protein called cytokine because the immune system has detected a threat.

Many blueberries are shown from an aerial view.

So to soothe your aches and pains during a hangover, anti-inflammatory agents like blueberries can be a game-changer.


Electrolytes are by far the most important ingredient on this list. Electrolytes are essential to your body because they help your body function and hydrate better. This property is why advanced electrolyte powders help so much with hangover recovery.

Alcohol recovery drinks with advanced electrolyte hydration powder boost your alcohol recovery and run-of-the-mill kitchen ingredients hold no comparison.

Cure Your Hangover Fast With The Ultimate Hydration Electrolyte Powder Packets Drink 

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