Fool-Proof Steps To Preventing A Hangover

Fool-Proof Steps To Preventing A Hangover

Person experiencing a headache.

Hangovers are quite literally a rude awakening. You wake up feeling your absolute worst. The sunlight hurts your eyes, you have a headache, feel nauseous, and don’t have the energy required to leave your bed. The cherry on top is that hangovers get worse as you get older too.

However, a hangover doesn’t have to be the end of a fun night. There are some ways you can prevent a hangover.

Eat healthy before you consume alcohol

You must have heard the saying, never drink on an empty stomach. Well, it’s absolutely right. You need something to line your stomach before you consume alcoholic beverages. However, what most people don’t realize is that you can’t get away with consuming anything you like.

You need to have a healthy meal before a night of drinking. Instead of binging on nuggets, fries, fried chicken, or pizza, have brown rice, pasta, whole-grain bread, avocados, or fruits like kiwi, strawberries, pineapples, etc.

Person feeling tired and drained of energy after consuming alcohol.

Make it a point to have water or electrolyte drinks through the night

Alcohol is bound to dehydrate you and its effects enhance your hangover symptoms. Dehydration leads to loss of energy, feeling groggy, and even causes headaches. Make it a point to consume alcohol between your drinks.

A better alternative would be an electrolyte drink like ADULTalyte. Our electrolyte powder is developed to provide your body with the electrolytes lost after a night of drinking. This can be consumed before, during, and after having alcohol too. Make it a point to have this drink the morning after as well for a boost of energy.

Have a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is probably the last thing on your mind when you have a headache or are feeling nauseous. You probably feel like eating will surely make you throw up, however, food is essential when after a night of drinking. It provides your body with the essential nutrients lost while drinking. Have an electrolyte drink and prepare a hearty breakfast the morning after. Eggs, whole-grain bread, fruits, and oats are some amazing breakfast ideas to make you feel better.

ADULTalyte is the perfect hangover cure. This advanced electrolyte hydration powder provides the essential electrolytes your body requires to recover from the alcohol consumed. It instantly hydrates you, getting rid of those hangover headaches, and providing the energy to get through your day.  Our morning recovery hangover drink can also be used for a boost of energy before working out too. Our hydration electrolyte powder packets comes in 3 delicious flavors too.  Place an order today, you get free shipping over orders of $75.

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