A Tad Too Much – What a Hangover Feels Like

A Tad Too Much – What a Hangover Feels Like
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Have you ever woken up with a feeling of absolute dread? And if you, somehow, managed to get over that feeling, did you find it challenging to focus on the important stuff?

Workplace stress and unfavorable personal relationships could be potential causes of these rough encounters. However, have you ever wondered that those extra glasses of beer or wine could be the significant contributors to the pounding in your head?

Factually, hangovers are the adverse effects of drinking excessively. Here we’ve compiled the top symptoms of a severe hangover!

You Feel Pounding Headaches

Alcohol penetrates the bloodstream and causes its vessels to dilate. After having several drinks, the heart rate becomes faster, and blood vessels’ expansion lowers down, causing stress on the blood vessels to accommodate the blood. This, in turn, causes headaches and, in severe cases, migraines.

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Heart Burn Causing Nausea

Alcohol triggers the stomach’s capacity to produce more digestive acid. But when it reacts with alcohol, it causes feelings of stomach heaviness, nausea, and vomiting.

Laziness and Sluggishness Don't Leave You

Alcohol stimulates rapid blood flow in the pancreas’ islets. This boosts the production of more insulin in the pancreas, dropping your blood sugar level. Thus, you feel tired, weak, lethargic, and sluggish after hours of drinking.

You Can’t Focus on Things

Many people know that alcoholic drinks are diuretics. Thus, when you drink excessively, especially in a dehydrated state, you tend to lose your focus on essential tasks and cannot make quick decisions.

A Disturbed Sleep

Heavy drinking can cause a troubled sleep!

When you drink, your body automatically adjusts to the eight hours of the sleep cycle. But since alcohol readily flows out of the body in five to six hours, it disturbs the body’s sleep adjustment process. It’s known as the rebound effect and causes you to wake up in the middle of the night and to feel dizziness the following day.  

Sudden Mood Swings

The changes in the blood sugar level lead to sudden mood swings. These can include anger and anxiety during or after drinking.

Drinking affects your mood more adversely if you’re already dealing with a mental problem and drinking alcohol to cope up. According to a 2017 study, people who had even the slightest dependency on alcohol experienced more aggressive and overwhelming emotions after drinking.

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