A Safe Drinking Guide

A Safe Drinking Guide
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Drinking is pleasurable and fun, but overlooking the alcohol intake can severely increase your risks of chronic diseases, injuries, and hangovers. About 95,000 people die annually due to alcohol-related issues. Therefore, drink safely!

Here we’ve compiled a safe drinking guide.

1. Plan Your Alcohol Intake

Drinking can contribute to a healthy lifestyle as long as you are consuming it in moderate quantities. The CDC guidelines recommend male adults drink at most two drinks a day, and females can drink at most one drink a day to lessen the harmful effects of alcohol consumption.

Therefore, keep track of your alcohol intake, especially if you’re drinking in a bar. Though drinking varies with age, gender, weight, and moods, large doses of alcohol can be harmful.

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2. Don’t Drink in Empty Stomach

Once you consume alcohol, it enters your bloodstream after going through the stomach and intestine. Make sure your stomach isn’t empty, or it will get absorbed into your blood valves quickly. Therefore, eat something before, during, or after drinking.

Moreover, you should:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid salty snacks as they enhance thirst

3. Drink Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Slow Down Your Intake

Once something triggers you to drink, it becomes challenging to slow down. This increases the blood concentration level of alcohol, resulting in higher chances of injury or overdose.

You can slow down your intake by:

  • Drink non-alcoholic drinks in between
  • Sip your drink instead of gulping

4. Don’t Play Drinking Games

When you avoid drinking games or shots, you automatically avoid binge drinking that can increase your body’s toxin levels. There are other ways to enjoy a party; you can dance, debate on any hot topic, or chat with your friends instead.

5. Here’s Who Shouldn’t Drink at all

Here’s a list of people who should refrain from drinking altogether:

  • Pregnant or pregnancy seeking women
  • People who're on a prescribed medication
  • People with chronic liver, heart, or lungs problems
  • Individuals who are driving or plan to drive
  • Sportspeople, supervisors, or army personnel on duty

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