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When and Why Is Electrolyte Replenishment Important

Most people think that staying hydrated is all about taking a balanced diet and consuming enough water. However, there are situations when just drinking water isn’t enough. In other words, our body also needs electrolytes which are crucial for several essential body functions. People who consume electrolyte drinks aren’t sure what exactly they are and how they work. Knowing the importance of electrolytes to our body is crucial to understanding when and why we need electrolyte replenishment. Why Are Electrolytes Important? You may know that sodium, calcium, and magnesium are some of the electrolytes in our body, but how exactly are they important? Let’s find out! Electrolytes are responsible for several crucial processes in our bodies. For instance, they are...

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The College Grad's Guide to Planning a Graduation Party

Are you finally about to graduate? Congratulations! It's a time filled with joy, nostalgia, relief, and excitement, and it only fits that you celebrate it properly! Throwing a graduation party is no small task, which is why you should be fully prepared instead of just winging it. Depending on how many guests you're planning to have over, you will have to prepare many things in advance as last-minute runs to the supermarket won't get you everything. Of course, a lot of the stuff as any regular party, and if you have thrown one before, you're already halfway ready! So, without further ado, here's a brief guide on how to throw a memorable and successful graduation party: Preparation for the Party...

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4 Gifts for Wine Lovers in 2021

Are you trying to please a wine lover in your life? Firstly, you should know that the proper word for a wine lover or connoisseur is the oenophile, and secondly, don’t worry because we’ve got some excellent gift ideas for you! When it comes to wine consumption, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the US ranks first in the world in wine consumption, followed by France and Italy in far second and third place. If you do have a wine lover in your life, you’ll know they don’t just love wine; they’re passionate about it. So, whether the gift is for the holiday season, or their birthday or some anniversary, you can rest assured that the oenophile in your life will...

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The Perfect Pina Colada Recipe for When You Need a Mini Vacation

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you’re not alone! Pina Coladas are comfortably among the most popular cocktails in the world. In fact, the drink also has its own National Pina Colada Day in the US, celebrated on the 10th of July every year. Of course, a lot of credit needs to be given to Rupert Holmes, whose song Escape (The Pina Colada Song) made the drink a global sensation. You might be thinking, why is the Pina Colada cocktail so popular? To understand that, you need to know what makes a good cocktail. Cocktails, if done right, are a thing of beauty and the great thing about cocktails is that there’s something for everyone. Whether...

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Short-Term Effects of Consuming Alcohol on Your Body

Humans have been consuming alcohol for at least 10,000 years or so. During this time, the debate regarding the pros and cons of alcohol consumption has raged on, and it’s simmering to this day. Science tells us that heavy drinking can have many downsides, but moderate drinking can have some benefits too. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, moderate drinking can be good for your heart and blood circulation, and it can also protect you against Type 2 diabetes and stones in your gall bladder. Despite these benefits, even moderate drinkers have to deal with the short-term effects of alcohol consumption. However, these short-term effects of alcohol depend on several factors, such as how quickly and how much...

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