Staying Hydrated at Parties

Staying Hydrated at Parties
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No matter how exhilarating and fun-filled your Friday night was, dealing with the subsequent hangovers can be challenging and stressful.

While alcoholic drinks are the best to celebrate special events and birthday parties, they’re diuretics and cause dehydration. They can give your healthy body a tough time. We are not trying to stop you from enjoying yourself; instead, we want you to take care of yourselves as you party the night away.

But how will you do it? Here we’ve compiled some valuable tips to stay hydrated at parties.

1. Have Shots Intermittently with Glass of Water

Whether you’re playing a beer pong or getting high on a pub crawl event, you gulp down shots without realizing the quantity. This can result in extreme dehydration as your body also constantly moves to the beat of the music.

Some people prefer having a small coke, juice, or a lime drink with shots. Unfortunately, they also increase the sugar content of the body, worsening your dehydration level. Thus, the best option is to drink glasses of water between your shots intake to remain hydrated and counter the effects of alcoholic drinks.

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2. Blend Your Drinks with Filtered Water

Filtered water has more mineral content than unfiltered water, so you can think about mixing your drinks with filtered water. Apart from diluting the taste, the new blended drink will keep you hydrated and keep your body energy level consistent throughout.

3. Increase Your Water Intake Days before the Night Out

You all know excessive drinking leads to dehydration and hangovers, so plan ahead. Increase your water intake days before the party. If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, consider adding advanced electrolyte supplements or lemon to enhance the taste.

4. Begin and End with Water

This is a 1-for-1 rule for everyone who wants to stay hydrated at parties. Begin and end your day by drinking lots of water. Since alcohol is a diuretic, following this rule can help you balance out your water loss.

5. Refuel Your Bodies with Alcohol Recovery Drinks

While water plays a vital role in staying hydrated at parties, some people may get bored of its tasteless nature. So, we’ve got some flavorful and tasty alcohol recovery drinks in-store at ADULTalyte.

These advanced electrolyte hydration powder supplements allow you to maintain your hydration, soothe a headache, and get instant energy. Mix them with drinks or consume them before or after drinking to get the best results. They also work well during workouts. They’ve fewer calories than juices and other energy drinks.

To deal with your hangovers effectively, order our alcohol recovery drinks today!

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