Short-Term Effects of Consuming Alcohol on Your Body

Short-Term Effects of Consuming Alcohol on Your Body

Humans have been consuming alcohol for at least 10,000 years or so. During this time, the debate regarding the pros and cons of alcohol consumption has raged on, and it’s simmering to this day.

Science tells us that heavy drinking can have many downsides, but moderate drinking can have some benefits too. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, moderate drinking can be good for your heart and blood circulation, and it can also protect you against Type 2 diabetes and stones in your gall bladder.

Despite these benefits, even moderate drinkers have to deal with the short-term effects of alcohol consumption.

However, these short-term effects of alcohol depend on several factors, such as how quickly and how much alcohol you consumed, whether you’re drinking on an empty stomach, and what your sex, weight, and body fat percentage are.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the most common short-term effects of consuming alcohol!


While initially, the person will feel uninhibited, relaxed, and even giddy, continuing to drink will lead to other signs of intoxication such as slurred speech, drowsiness, clumsiness and unsteady movement, headache, and distortion of senses.

Friends in a party having drinks

Of course, how many of these signs and how intensely you feel these signs will depend on how much you consume as well as the other factors that we mentioned. Nevertheless, if you’re drinking moderately, the intoxication will be more fun and less headache-y for you.


The great thing about our body is that it absorbs alcohol relatively quickly, which is why you can get drunk easily and start having fun! However, the bad thing about our body is that getting alcohol out of our system can be a slow process.

Man waking up with a hangover after a night out

It takes one hour for our liver to process just ONE drink! That’s crazy slow, right? However, this slow speed of the liver means that we’re going to experience hangovers, which unarguably is the worst part of drinking.

Hangovers are very common. In fact, 75% of people reported hangover symptoms after a night out of drinking. The same study also concludes that 25% of people are resistant to hangovers. Lucky, lucky people, right?

So, why do we have to go through these awful hangovers? The science behind hangovers is that alcohol is toxic to the body (surprise, surprise) and that our body is trying to get rid of these toxins.

How to Deal with Hangover After a Night Out

Most of the hangover symptoms are due to dehydration, but some chemicals can also cause a reaction in the brain and make the symptoms much worse! Headache, fatigue, nausea, dry mouth, and eyes are the most common symptoms, whereas people also report feeling restless and unable to concentrate.

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