Have a Long Night of Partying Ahead and Work the Next Morning?

Have a Long Night of Partying Ahead and Work the Next Morning?
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So, your friends just texted you to come out to the bars and blow off some steam.

But, you have work tomorrow.

Can you do both effectively?

The answer is yes. Here's how.

Don't Drink On An Empty Stomach.

Food will absorb the alcohol in your stomach before it goes into your bloodstream. Therefore, it'll allow you to drink more with a lower possibility of a hangover.

Honey is being poured on top of a stack of pancakes with blueberries on the side.

Alternate Shots of Water

Alcohol is a dehydrating agent or diuretic. This property results in frequent urination and water loss within your body. To compensate for this effect, you need to alternate swigs and glasses of alcohol with glasses of water.

Hydrate More Efficiently with Electrolytes

If you really want to prevent a hangover and be fully functional for your job the next day, drinking electrolytes will help your body retain and absorb water much better.

Electrolytes replenish the body, helping it absorb fluids, detoxify your liver, and help your cells and nerves to function better.

These properties are why advanced electrolyte hydration supplements and drinks are essential for the young working adult before and after a night of drinking.

Combining electrolytes with water is the ideal combination to prevent a hangover completely. You can drink your electrolytes both before and while drinking. Additionally, even after you're done drinking and are ready to knock out for the night, you can consume electrolytes so that your body heals while you sleep.

Worst case, when you wake up for your job and you still have a hangover, you can drink electrolytes to soothe it greatly.

Prevent Hangovers AND Cure Them ASAP With The Ultimate Electrolyte Powder Hydration Drink 

We at ADULTalyte have concocted for you the most advanced hydration electrolyte powder drink. Our drink will hydrate you, detoxify your liver, and give you all the energy you need to get through your workday after a big night of questionable decisions.

It's the ultimate hangover cure for alcohol recovery to soothe headaches and get you sober for that meeting. It's also used as a pre/intra workout supplement and a tasty low-calorie drink replacement for juices, soft drinks, and sports drinks. The ADULTalyte Drink is for everyone and their boss! Discover more of our products here.

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