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Have you ever absentmindedly kept a glass directly on the coffee table resulting in stubborn (and ugly) water rings on your furniture? Do your insides squirm each time a guest leaves a mug on your gorgeous mahogany table? With our ADULTalyte Coasters, you don’t have to worry about water rings and beverage stains anymore!

Part of our anti-hangover merchandise, the ADULTalyte Coasters come in two designs. Each coaster is double-sided and has a different design printed on either side. This makes for a perfect two-for-one deal, giving you two cool coaster designs in one item. You can choose to display either of these designs when you place the coasters on your table, matching the aesthetics of the room or simply showcasing your personal preferences. The ADULTalyte logo is printed in neon lettering on both of these designs and further enhances the coasters’ visual appeal.

Our coasters are priced at $6.00 (Sale price: $4.00) each. You can also buy a set of 4 coasters for $10.00. When you purchase a coaster, you get a purple and black palm tree silhouette on one side and a blue and yellow pattern on the other. Shop with us today and buy the perfect coasters for your living room!

How to use

For best results, consume ADULTalyte™️ after alcohol consumption, primarily 1-2 scoops before bed and upon waking with hangover symptoms to reduce hangover effects.

Return policy

We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee within 30 days from the date of delivery. To be eligible for the 100% Money Back Guarantee, the buyer must contact us at prior to returning product(s). In email, please provide proof of purchase, the reason for return, what you did not like about the product(s), when and how many scoops were consumed of ADULTalyte™️ Hangover Recovery, and what product(s) you feel work(s) better. The email must be submitted within 30 Days from the date of delivery. 

If a refund is deemed necessary, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to ship the product(s) to the ADULTalyte™️ Hangover Recovery Return Center. The buyer will be responsible for all return shipping costs. Once the product(s) are delivered to our Return Center, we will manually refund the buyer's transaction for the appropriate amount for the returned items. Chargebacks will not be taken lightly and will subject the client to being put on the no-sell list. Refunds will only be issued after the items have been returned to us.

If you are missing an item or the item that you received is damaged, then please contact us and we will send out a replacement free of any shipping costs to you. You must notify us within 3 days of receipt of