Hangover Cures? There Are Many, But Do They Work?

Hangover Cures? There Are Many, But Do They Work?

Hangovers are a common problem, and people often try various methods to cure them. There are many remedies that are based on anecdotal evidence rather than scientific research. Here are three common hangover myths, and what you should actually do:

Myth #1: Drinking the morning after is helpful. While it may provide temporary relief, having another drink can prolong hangover symptoms and potentially contribute to alcohol dependence.

Myth #2: Taking medication before bed is an effective remedy. Ibuprofen can exacerbate stomach irritation caused by alcohol, and combining it with acetaminophen can be harmful to the liver. Rather than relying on medication, it may have been the food or water you consumed that helped alleviate your symptoms.

Myth #3: Drinking coffee can cure hangover symptoms. While caffeine may temporarily alleviate fatigue, it will not cure your hangover. There is no scientific evidence demonstrating that caffeine has any beneficial or detrimental effect on hangover symptoms.

Here are some options that will help cure hangovers: Rehydration with water, Gatorade, or Pedialyte; consuming fast-digesting carbs such as toast, crackers, and bagels; pairing carbs with a protein source like Greek yogurt or a hard-boiled egg; avoiding strong smells that may trigger nausea; making a fruit smoothie that is full of antioxidants; and consuming quality sources of protein like eggs, which contain glutathione, an antioxidant that can help detoxify alcohol.

The fastest and cost effective way to recover from hangovers is to consume ADULTalyte™️ Hangover Recovery after drinking alcohol. ADULTalyte™️ is scientifically formulated to reduce hangovers by destroying toxins that are stored in your liver after alcohol consumption. 

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